Monday, October 12, 2009

Swinging to the music... Swinging to the music...

I recently moved into my new room in my new house. Suddenly Leonardo’s Mona Lisa looks pale in comparison to my picturesque room. Everything looks insanely marvelous. Right from the mushroom stump in my book shelf to the anthurium in my commode!. . You must be wondering what’s so great in having your own room? Well, the difference is this is my OWN house. As a boy I have shifted into a number of houses due to my dad’s frequent transfers. I’ve lived in remote rural areas and the prettiest of places. I had the biggest of rooms and at times denied of one. I’ve never found something exciting about all my previous rooms. But, my first very own room in my own house in Kushalnagar (coorg) will always hold a special memory. It’s not because of the seductive weather or the intoxicating smell of flowers but the pure joy of traversing a path to find your inner home.

As I stepped into my room the fan looked like god’s three hands rotating for the purpose of my existence. The towel holder looked like a custom made one by Audi. The carpets were flown in as a gift from the king of Persia. The books were carefully chosen by Jeffrey archer. The cot was reminiscent of that of the kings of India. The mirror reflected a perfect profile (err… ME!)The saxophone… err… looked like the saxophone ;-). Ecstasy rushed into my body encompassing every vein of mine. I suddenly felt like a hedonist.

Not being a very reticent person, I wanted to spill my new found euphoria in front of the mirror. I walked in front of it and started talking about my room and singing U2’s vertigo. As I swayed into the music I picked up my comb and started showing of my innate dancing prowess.
I removed my shirt and was swirling it feeling like a Texas cowboy who was about to catch his gaur. With the other hand was my comb thrust into my mouth singing “… called vertigo…..” Just when I was in full swing;


The maid walks in…

The maid walks out…

After an unusually quiet dinner, my dad, with a smirk, removes his shirt and swirls it in the air and slowly puts it back on.

And that was the most embarrassing moment of my life.


Janice D'souza said...

Lol :) This blog made my day. I've been in this situation many a times, not so much fun then. But reading it & seeing someone else in that position makes me smile (like there's a hanger in my mouth).
Happy writing!

Adi said...

Hey Janice,
Welcome to my blog. Do i know you?

Janice D'souza said...

Nope. Just read this, & thought I'd comment.

Sakeena.B.M said...

hey adi!!! nice light hearted article, the one'e which make you day feel light.. ;) good thing i read it the first thing in the morning ;)

so, congratulation on your new or rather your OWN room!! ;) the best thing of having you own room is.... CALLING IT "YOUR OWN"!!! the one "your own" constant thing from now on.... ;)

and i would really love to see you as a cowboy some day!!! ;)
and one thing.... ( was the maid impressed? ;) )

Farila said...

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