Friday, January 8, 2010

A Jog into nature

A 9 km jog and a gruesome physical was precisely what the doctor ordered for. Get into shape or get out was the perpetual slogan mom was humming throughout the day. My constant clich├ęd exclamations of round being a shape was met with a slash in my daily ration. Mr. Belly was groaning and the loud sounds incensed not just me but the distant neighbours. This had to stop and stop immediately for the survival of humanity’s sole wonder child.

It didn’t take much time to decide the military style regiment. Before I could dream about being with U2 live, I am woken up by some crazy mynahs dad has trained. They sit on my balcony and shriek they’re tails off. Oh, what a way to start my day. With temperatures ranging from 12 to 16 degrees icicles pierce through my nose begging me to go home and cozy up to Inglorious Basterds. Which by the way, is kick ass. If History was written like that, boy o boy it would have been LEGENDARY! Ok, back to the topic, once I wear 2 T-shirts and a shorts topped with a track suit, wind sheeter, gloves. Muffler and a monkey cap for a moron. I look like one of those junkies straight from the 80’s desperate to get a girl. After adorning my multi colored attire the insane jogging session commences. We wander through the frosted grass and mean trees poking fun at me. Dad walks (he calls it walking) and I jog along with him. Despite jogging its hard to keep up with the man. He is practically walking but theoretically running. (That made sense)

5KM dammit!! 5 whole entire goddamn KM and there is not a part in my body that is numb. My entire body is paralysed with pain. (save for 1, Barney Stinsin style ;-)) Here is the fun part. After the crazy jog I have to do an intense physical to ‘maintain the flow’ as my dad would say. In the evenings the pain continues with a 4km jog and an even worse physical. The only fun part is that I do my physical in a beautiful water point laid with fine bamboo trees. (The ones that I used to get whacked with in school) Despite it being a dangerous place as it’s prone to Elephants and wild animals, its mesmerizing beauty transports me into a beautiful world and the calmness encompasses me.

With different birds chirping and playing Coorg reminds me of this wonderful place where you come for a sort of rehabilitation. A place where you relax and chalk your priorities, a time for introspection and self realization. As I revel in this new found joy and get a grip of life’s challenges the heart longs for the chance to be stuck in this moment. Now and probably forever. Ain’t that poetic? ;-)


Haddock said...

Coorg is a nice place.

Vinutha N said...

A very entertaining read ! But i think you should feel 'blessed' that you are subjected to this jogging torture at a place that is stunningly beautiful !!! Imagine , I am asked to do the same [ DITTO ] to gain weight in this smoke infested Bangalore [don laugh !:D ]
Atleast you have the locational advantage :P