Tuesday, January 12, 2010

U2 and U2 alone :D :D

Happy Birthday Farhaan. You have been an awesome friend and thank you for introducing me to the greatest band ever, U2. Every time I listen to U2 it gives me immense peace and calmness not to mention the occasional adrenaline rush. Here is a poem (an attempt) with all the songs U2 has made. Now I know the Birthday gift you demanded was Bono’s guitar and it had a price tag of 4 million dollars and I was short by just 90$. Sorry mate. I hope this poem will make do for the guitar ;-)

You are the Original of the species
The true Mysterious Achtung Baby
You will walk on the Ocean and Bullet the blue sky
You can Fly like an Acrobat Trying to Throw your arms around the world.

But then Gloria will shout Baby please come home
For Love is Blindness and you are the One who is So cruel
When Loves comes to town, You cant make it on your own
Another time another place, I will follow and
Wild Honey we can settle in New York
In God’s country where With or without you
I will Rejoice today, tomorrow and forever
You can live in your Playboy Mansion
Without a shout and with A man and a Woman
In Red Hill mining town, You can trip through your wires
You can go Out of control and Learn How to dismantle an Atomic bomb

Because In a little while the Crumbs from you table
Will turn into Silver and Gold
In that Beautiful day you will be Stuck in a moment
You will have Fast cars and with a One Minute warning
They will all Rattle and Hum

Your Desire for a Last Night on Earth will be met
with a Miracle Drug and Fire will fill Where the Streets are

It is then you will ask, Whose gonna ride, Until the End of the world?
With United colours an Ultra Violet ray will Grace you
Love comes Tumbling and in The Summer Rain it will transport you to Vertigo.
There will be Three Sunrises, Shadows and Trees, and it is All because of you
In the city of blinding lights, you will come One step closer and
You will find One tree hill. You will shout ‘YAWEH’.

If God will send his Angels You will be in Miami
residing in Your blue room, Staring at the sun
All that you can’t leave behind will be your Kite and Electric Co
Sometimes you can’t make it on you own and A day without me will be HELL :P

Read it carefully and deeply, it has a HIDDEN MEANING :P


farhaan.madar said...

i dont know how much i should thank you.but i'd rather not restrict it to a few words.i'm sure you understand.
and on the hidden meaning i dont know what it is.will figure it out when i've got morre time on my hands.i'm doing a juggling act at the moment.

Vikram Bondal said...

These guys have always been a class act...I still remember watching the videos of Stay(So Far Away,So Close) and Where The Streets Have No Name as a 7 year old and feeling this rush of adrenaline in me thanks to the latter song and sadness thanks to the former...Always was and always will be a fan :D