Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unlimited adulterated FUN; We all desperately need it!

It is indeed very simple. Gone are the ages of personal letters. I mean, the postman is a thing of the past. The last time I wrote a letter was when I was in my 10th grade. In school, it was a compulsion to write a letter to my parents. My letter was brief and simple;
Dear Parent$,
                          A$ much a$ I’m trying to enjoy here, you mu$t under$tand that I mi$$ you a lot. Life i$ a lot better with you guy$ around. $o, here i$ the deal. $how me your love and contribute for the well being of your $on. A thou$and would be perfect.
Your son,
Adithya ($$$)
It has been 21 years and the bills never stop :P

There is a generation growing with the tremendous advantages of technology. To think about it, we still haven’t peaked in terms of innovations and usage of the internet.  We must stop looking at Facebook as some kind of evil for junkies and social recluses. If you can clean the muck, namely;

1.Farmville (A diploma in milking pink cows and acid harvesting)
2.Mafia wars (A Masters in drinking cocaine and sniffing whiskey) Oh, some virtual killing too.
3. Treasure Island (Certificate course in understanding men with Bikinis and naked mermaids)
4. Groups such as ‘I missed your call and I am sad’ (read, I might never get an orgasm) ‘I love to sleep in class’ (read, Since I can’t sleep with anyone else)

Picture this, a site which brings all the quality present in the internet under one single roof, a single portal f knowledge and people who can teach you so much. The advantages are innumerable if you can see them. Get out of that shell and open your eyes to these wonderful possibilities. Personally, FB has been a tremendous tool for learning. Its an absolute must use!!(In the manner that it ought to be used)

My 4 guidelines for FB : Read, Write, Learn, Discuss

Sorry I hurt your sentiments buddy. Of course, we all send random requests. Sometimes we just type, Kramguvaerthy Lavantharamstar and send a request. Making friends, aye? As long as you don’t hit on me, things would be fine. And make sure you wish me on my B’day and give me a virtual FB gift.

No, I don’t have cauliflowers or maroon tigers in my farm. Haven’t joined Farmville, yet.

Wan’t to join Independent India and discuss politics? No, its not a game. Its politics, like current affairs? No, no, not Britney Spears or Paris Hilton’s affair with the chihuahua. Man, how do I explain this to you?!

Me: Do you know Barrack Obama?
The HERO: The nigger, who bombs the world wearing khadi and carrying a stick which is actually a machine gun?

Me: Adios pal. This is conversation is over. No more random *&@#$ requests.


Trishma said...

hilarious!!! :) i totally agree that people should totally get out of facebook and get their face in a book if they have nothing worthwhile to do besides farmville!! has it ever occured to you, what would happen to India if the same amount of time and effort went into REAL farming... hmm...?

Phantom said...

LOL a totally LOl factor... And adi now that you are on twitter you ll know this thing happens everyday, specially for ppl with a hell a load of followers :P :P Everything is turning orkutty these days...Just RANDOM as you call it...

Vinutha N said...

This one wud cause laugh-riots i tell u :D
Farmville is a face book menace and I think its too condescending for mature individuals to spend time over it.
The other day I found a techie busy at office over Mafia wars :O

It makes a good subject for Madhur Bhandarkar's next movie :D Lol

Yula said...

Come on you guys, FV is not that bad.....and FB got me through some of the most boring times in my life....Adi this one is close to my heart...lol....nice one.!

Ray said...

Bloody fucking funny. I have to read it again. Is there a moral attached to it as well? Nice blog amigo.

Haroon Siyech said...

hey the date of the post is april 19th.. i commented abt fb on april 18th at kfc, majestic... is this the lesson i was supposed to get?? :P