Friday, September 17, 2010

The makings of a soul searcher

In those comely whispers it came
Without a signal and with a dame
Some would have called it pretty lame
But then, hey, it was all about a dame

It cajoled you into believing,
When you thought everything was deceiving
But it still never told you realities
It kept you aloof from the nuanced clarities

Soon it inundated you with thoughts
About the tyranny and the rots
Now you were too deep in the circle
Begging to the man above for a miracle

"Follow the path of the virtuous
Open up to the righteous",
came the thundering voice from above
He thought of the mob with a sob

To be treaded upon or to tread the muck?
...and the question lingers on...

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Trishma said...

'Follow the path of the virtuous'. Stay blessed!