Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is purpose really that purposeful?

Armed with the Camcorder, Tripod and a story he walked steadily. The kind of walk you witness when someone has an agenda and a sole purpose in his mind. He could only think of finishing his day and getting under the fresh cotton sheets or perhaps read a book or an article on political connivance; the kind of things that make him happy. In that monotonous walk he found himself concentrating on the purpose of his trip. Shooting visuals of a heritage site, an old dilapidated school, and a good one at that.

A million thoughts played in his mind and he knew the work laid before him, or maybe he didn’t. Life did have its share of work and he felt included in the bigger scheme of things the world had to offer - or at least he thought so. In a moment of mindful madness, he was about to cross a railway track. He stood right in the centre of the track... paused... stared ahead at the forlorn track where a train might appear in 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes. A pause that no one seemed to pay heed of. Individual minds rushing forward with the day’s tasks. A purpose that always existed and the fulfillment of this purpose; the very fulfillment of the day.

He stood still and what seemed like an entire 10 minutes were just couple of seconds, sometimes that is all you really need to clear your mind... or clutter it. He thought to himself, what is the purpose? What is the need if not for my immediate luxurious existence? Here is the chance to experience another possibility - heaven or hell. An alternative that may or may not be good. The thrill of the unknown touched a deep chord, dangerously.
He could end this life and the other unknown one and continue to live the nicer moments until boredom or desperation got the better of him.

Just as he realized the possibilities he was abruptly woken by the excuses he found so effortlessly. Life, for those few seconds ate into his minuscule existence until he decided to start walking with the renewed focus and the agenda in his mind; camcorder, tripod and the story.


Vinutha N said...

Retrospect ? ;)

Srinidhi said...

I love it.
Sometimes I like to stop and just let go. :) so I relate :)