Queer interesting things I found after reading 50 pages of the Mahabharata

Queer interesting things I found after reading 50 pages of the Mahabharata;

1. Uparichara, thinking about his wife, enjoyed a spurt of semen. He wrapped it in a leaf and told a parrot to carry it to his wife. And the parrot gets killed, a fish swallows the semen, and gives birth to two children. Creativity, YES!!

2. Sahadeva ate a tiny piece of his father's body, giving him supreme knowledge of the past, present and the future.

3. The god of death is also the god of order. His dispassion oversees destiny, ensuring the law of karma is maintained.

4. Sage Kindama turned into an antelope and his wife turned into a doe, so they could make love freely in the open, like animals .

5. Gandhari's womb was broken into 100 pieces and put in jars of ghee to incubate over a year, and transform into a 100 children.

6. Bhishma takes a vow of celibacy, to allow his father to copulate wit Satyavati. In return, the gods give him immortal strength. Not a deal I would fancy :P

7. Princess Ambika closed her eyes, on seeing the person she is forced to have sex with. As a result, her son is born blind.

8. Sage Parasara, while ferrying in the river ganga with Satyavati, makes love to her, bears an instant child, and makes her a virgin again. Condoms? That’s old style, yo!

9. In heaven, Mahabhisha took a peek at the river-nymph Ganga's breasts. A livid Indra cursed Mahabhisha to return to earth, for his lustful act. 

10. Yayati gives away her daughter, madhavi, to a hermit, because she could not give him, his request of 800 horses with 1 black ear #mahabharata

11. Greek philosophy is dominated by the oedipus complex. In the mahabharata, yayati complex, stresses the son's submission to his father.

12. The Mahabharata if made of one hundred thousand verses, making it an epic longer than the greek epics, #Iliad and #Odyssey put together.

13. The Mahabharata has a lot of 'dancing' a.k.a. sex/love-making. It is a recurring theme between animals, rivers, sages, and gods themselves.

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