Thursday, June 25, 2009

The fallacies of Indian democracy.

(Written after a lecture by my principal)

Good evening sleepy heads.
Today I beseech thy ignorant souls to wake up from the 62 year hiatus (1947-2009). I woke up today and I did not like the modus operandi in front of me. I have been living under a curtain of illusion that we are a democratic country and we have the right to exercise our freedom and thoughts. Today I ruminate over what democracy is? Is India really a democratic country?
For all those who think we are living in an awesome country and we are free souls, I would like to twist their tiny ears and even tinier brains and cry out loud to them… WE ARE AN OPPRESSED LOT!

Politics is an articulation of interests of the ruling power. Whenever a section of the power articulates interests there is an opposition section that creates conflicts. And this, by far and large, constitutes politics.

Democracy is the rule of the majority? I beg to differ.
For ex; of a 68% of voter turnout in a constituency with 6 candidates, If a candidate is selected with a majority vote of 20%, is that a real majority vote? Isn’t that candidate elected (rather than selected) out of no choice?
So, by this, one can say that a democracy is the rule of an ELITE and not the rule of a majority government, supported by the people and for the people.

If you are still not convinced with my argument, I ask you…
What kind of a democracy is India when people are below poverty line?
What kind of democracy is India when corruption is its forte?
What kind of democracy are we in?
What is democracy?

If by democracy you mean that one gets the right to vote and select a leader to take care of his needs, it is a matter of shame and disgust that we are a bogus democratic country. Our voices are paid heed only when we strike and raise conflicts and create chaos in a society. Do we need such a democracy?

China is a communist country.(That’s what I thought till today). Why is it a communist country?

In China there is no such thing as poverty. Everybody is employed. People get adequate wages and live a decent life provided with all the basic necessities. It has the best economy in terms of growth. Probably the best defense. Rumor mills are running high that it is only a matter of time before the yuan takes over from the dollar as the world currency. What matters most is, food, clothing and shelter are provided. Is it so for everybody in India?

Which to you is a better democracy?

*A democracy that provides you with all the basic necessities and takes care of your needs and provides ample opportunities for growth and assures security?
*Or a democracy which merely gives you a right to vote?



Anonymous said...

I agree with your point that China has a better democracy,not the best,than India....
Chinese government does provide basic need to every citizen,which includes education....but whats the point??? They are given the knowledge to knw their rightes and their value as human beings yet they cant exercise them...Their knowledge is jus stagnated....
Dont you think they living a puppets life????
At the same time I'm not saying Indian system is a better...Our democracy is more accomodative n flexible...We do have the freedom to voice our opinions, and yes we have to fight for it and creat conflit but nothing great is achived easily...

Adi said...

We do have the freedom to voice our opinions, but what's the point? Every person is voicing their opinion to no avial.
Georg Christoph said"Don't judge a man by his opinions; but what his opinions have made of him". Likewise, what use are our opinions if we do not get any fruitful results?
having said that, i have received a lot of e mails from people stating that it's not all that easy to live in China and as you said they are treated like PUPPETS.
But, if that's what gets the economy moving, my argument is, why not be like China?
Btw, who are you?

Nisha said...

People would be more pleased to see you than Ambrose for sure. You should consider;)

Anonymous said...

well said Nisha.... but you really cant help it... dis is exactly wat the princi came and spoke... am thinkin Adi must've secretly voice recorded sum points Pinto gave...!!

well done Adi... accordin to me... Democracyis havin the right to practice your basic rights and duties rather than being similar to tamed animals givin food and shelter...!!

Adi said...

I'm happy i wrote this particular article. Though i have received horrible and rave reviews from it, i've learnt a lot about how the world functions. China is definitely not the country you want to be in! It treats their people like puppets and according to my uncle you don't get the freedom to blog and discuss issues like this. It is an absolutely closed and dominating country. The people are just like pawns who have to adhere to totalitarian principles and don't have a voice. It's a very complicated imbroglio and difficukt to understand which ideology is apt, simply because no ideology satisfies the needs for a harmonious society!

zoostation said...

i have no knowledge about how the chinese government works but it is a general held belief that the chinese people are an opressed lot.but that opressed lot have achieved a lot.they bloodly beat america in the olympics for goodness sakes!!!that shows wat a single minded and resourseful nation that they have become.Now i'm not advocating that India should follow their path-because the stories of kids being trained before they can barely begin to make sense of the world around them is not a very pleasing thought.but i'm sure that China just sees that as a means to an end as well as ends justify means.This is where i beg to differ -- only means justify means.
The basic needs of the 'aam admi' of an Indian have yet to be,as is very evident,have yet to be met.The number of people living below the poverty line is staggerring and i thought that many African nations were in a bad state!the point is that we need to,as a very wise man once said,- 'be the change we wish to see in the world'.It is the responsibilty of every indian to push for better opportuinites for the 'aam admi' and to ask the difficult questions that need to be asked ,to put the politician in uncmfortable situations and make them accountable.
Our duty,in this large and varied democracy,does not end with casting your vote for the suitable candidate(and then showing off with that indelible ink mark!) but it is the just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

It is a good start.

Any such opnions to be published by deeper study and covering wider spectrum.

What are the pros & cons of democracy & communism in general?

Is democracy in India a true representation of democracy or making mockery of it?

Is communism followed in China better than what was there in Russia?

What are the factors that make a government better or worser?

.... one can go on. An article of this kind must dwelve deeper.

I am waiting for an updated version of this.

- Saba

Anonymous said...


Futuer belongs to India and comment further

- Saba

aprajita said...

i didn't even realise that anybody could pay so much attention to Father Abbrose's class... gosh... this is surprising... keep going