Monday, June 29, 2009

I (too) have a dream!

I openly professed my keen desire and undying interest in contesting for the post to collect chalks and clean the board (read-class representative)
I was elected with a land slide victory of 26 votes out of 27. (Siddarth opted to vote for himself!)

In an effortless manner Spiderman said, “with great responsibility comes great power”.
Today I have been elected as the class representative of my class and my duty is to lead my troops into a battle of nothings.

In my victory speech I vowed to eradicate corruption and curb red tapeism. I was met with much applaud and fan fare who were proud of my (-.5)vision. They knew I stood for the narcoleptic in the last row. I am a leader who environs change and the difference is, I DELIVER!

My war strategy is simple… We must gather as many e mail id’s as possible, lots of newspaper articles, and last but not the least, is a pen, which apparently is mightier than a sword. We are ready to wage war.
Our sole aim is to remember the enemy’s name and COMMUNICATE without a stutter. In the course of communication we must be able to speak on all topics varying from Foreign economic policies pertaining to a given banana republic and their future plans of development to Rakhi Sawant’s ahem…(I’ll leave that to your VIVID imagination)

My future plans also include infusing a tropical aroma at all times in the class room, opening a mini cafeteria in my friend’s bag, Jenin. (Eating strictly during class hours only. I am a man of principles and ethics and rules and regulations form top priority.)

As a leader of the majority, I will indoctrinate the ideologies of rules and regulations.
Any violations of the above mentioned rules will be prosecuted by the ‘Pulverizing Prosecution Cell’(PPC) headed by my right hand, Sijo.

For further information and details pertaining to the issues I intend to discuss; including the mandatory usage of mobile phones during class hours etc… continue visiting my blog. Your support and opinions make me a better leader.


Madsi said...

Thought you were talking about your dream??!! k it was good... humorous.... a bit :P

Adi said...

It is actually Martin Luther King's famous speech "I HAVE A DREAM". he he. i just played on the famous lines.

Nisha said...

You sound like the man in the movie 3oo.
You are the perfect man to take over the contemporary ideology, you know

Anonymous said...

hey.... am ur right hand huh???? started makin declarations already Adi???? nd yes... we'll try and do wateva possible.... as long as da busy schedule comin up wont come in our way of what we're plannin to do...!!! Good plannin... hope we make good reps...!!

Shonali said...

Hahahaha brilliant stuff!!!! Am so glad you guys are the class reps!!!

Slickthief said...

good work for now
constructive critism later.
good luck, class rep!

Venkatesan said...

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning"- Winston Churchill

Decide fast in the fastest world on how to contirbute yourself with left and right are intact with you
best luck and carry on.

Anonymous said...

The write up is humorous and with superfluous language. Keep it up!!

I am looking forward to the dream to grow bigger encompassing wider spectrum in the days to come.

All the best
- Saba

Marianne de said...

Now I know who has to clean the desk before I come in!

som said...

simply suberb dude..adi has really grown up and am so glad ur enjoyin this course..

raju said...

hey adi,

prannoy here,

nice humorous piece da...

good stuff!!!

I really appreciate that...

xpectin' more from u!!! :)

Sakeena.B.M said...

hey.... adii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! though its a late reply... but i cudnt resist..

so u the class rep... will lead ur troops to win the battle??.... i hope u do... WIN THE BATTLE OF LIFE! :)

and... how i wish.. Si9ddarth.... had known u better b4 standing.. against u ;)

but ... adii.. all in all... this is NOT the adi... who left MANGALORE.... :)

u r evryword... speaks loud of ur tremendous confidence in life.... :)

way to go .... :) battle is not over yet... :)

shvetha said...

OMG!! u sooo donot deliver.. DONOT ever count on my vote again.. peace!!

veda said...

im finally commenting!! sry for the delay! :P

i think this is a masterpiece! your sense of humour is epic!!

smita said...

Classic stuff .. superr humours.. keep up the good job

PS: Work towards the mini cafeteria .. we require that

Anonymous said...

hey u bugger,,,,,,, u a.....ole., i dare u to open a cafeteria in my bag"""" ... hmmmm, anyways lets c... thank u so much for choosing !!!!