Friday, September 4, 2009


If only there was a ‘HORRIFIER CUP’, I was deemed to win it. My recent experience of losing my mobile phone was a tryst with my nemesis.

I repeated to myself that it is impossible for some one to be so attached to a non-living thing and it did not conform to the norms of a basic livelihood. I was evidently paralyzed and was in a shambolic mess.

For the first time I realized that my portable mobile goddess was a way of life. I couldn’t live a sane life without my phone. It all started from the morning, where I over slept because I did not have an alarm and carried on throughout the day . I had a perpetual grim on my face as I could not listen to music early morning and I had to endure my grandma’s ’you don’t get up at 3 in the morning’ remarks.

If I did not understand the meaning of a complex word in the Hindu editorial, I usually reach out to my phone as it has a dictionary. The whole process of searching a word in the dictionary seemed too tedious and I eventually lost the will and in a way, the energy to constantly refer the dictionary. Therefore, I stopped reading.. I couldn’t Google various concepts I did not understand and was left blank in a couple of seminars and failed to keep in pace with my CAT classes. I failed to remember birthdays of friends, keep up appointments and a number of other works. I could not reach out to my phone to seek some solace in lecturers who froze time and to those special ones who have the innate capability to reverse and control time. I felt horribly disconnected and awfully miserable. It was the worst week of my life, where life seemed all too harsh to deal with.

It made me wonder the extent of dependency on technology and how I would fail if a small object of it were altered.

Oh, I almost forgot, I could not make any calls. (Ironically, that’s the only actual need of a mobile phone)


Vinutha N said...

Seemingly striking analysis about the tech-obsessed lives we lead !! A similar question was haunting me too... With so much of development , are we 'Independant or dependently Independant ' ?? !!
Nice post ! Way to go !:)

unknown_caller said...

i'm sure most of us feel exactly the way you did on that fateful day.
but the very fact that when we depend on anything what we are doing is that we letting it , in some capacity , dictate our actions.Over dependance on any such thing is not at a good idea if you ask me.
but that said the mobile phone has made life so much easier on a day-to-day,minute-by-minute much so that one of the characteristic definition of a homo sapien in the 21st century would be incomplete without a cell-phone.Its become so imbibed in us that its just as important as any vital organ such as our eyes or ears-and metaphorically speaking they are our eyes and ears to a whole unknown world.
the thing now is how do we maintain that fine balance between how to make the most of a cell-phone and yet not be silently dictated by it?if anybody has figured that out please let me know!
my mother once told me that the wealthiest man was one who had the simplest needs :)

Trishma said...

Overdependence on the cellphone has hit all of mankind hard. i suppose a day will come when the digits in the anatomy of the human body will be suitably skewed to enable ease of text msging, and the neck slightly tilted to allow convenient cradling of the phone between the shoulder and the ear :P

siddarth said...

my deepest sympathys are with u....

witty and funny as usual... keep it up

manu said...

i didn't have my phone for a day yesterday and people around me went berserk! so your mobile phone is strictly meant for communication purposes but knowing us humans we always expect more out of the ordinary! every phone has to have an Mp3, camera, alarm clock and a whole bunch of other applications. "If the picture quality isn't brilliant i don't want it!" nobody cares if the batteries last longer on it!
heck i say this a part of evolution - i bet people said we were being way too dependent on computers during the early days!... true but look where we are now! half the businesses use online accounting to file their tax returns and it's so much easier to type out an essay and edit on a laptop than paper!..... i say our laziness is partly responsible for our over-dependence on technology!

Anonymous said...

You have listed several reasons why you use your phone-- from an alarm to making calls, so it is a helpful necessity somehow in our day to day living!