Monday, August 24, 2009

“The ironies of human life is that if you want peace you have to fight for it!”

Barack Hussein Obama is a humanitarian and is a good president. When he released the documents held by the CIA on various interrogation techniques used by the US of A, I wondered the necessity of such an act. It seemed odd that he is raking up trivial issues of no significance at the time of a global moribund. For the first time I felt like Obama was just another president with fancy words and all talk but no substance.

When I look at his acts and his time in the office for the first 120 odd days you get the feeling Mr. President is thinking of the bigger picture and has higher aspirations.

Mr. Obama’s priority, is for other countries to regain their faith in America and remove the tarnished image which Mr. Bush gifted absolutely free of cost to the present government.

He has apologized for America’s wrong doings and wrong torture techniques used by the CIA, visited neighboring countries and assuring them the goodwill of America. Extending a hand to Iran, leaving Iraq to it’s people, a goodwill speech to the rest of the world (also carefully selecting Egypt as the venue to address his speech).Dispatched Hillary Clinton on a ‘we love all countries’ tour, appointing Sonia Sotomayor as the supreme court judge (the first Hispanic and third female justice on the nation’s highest court) etc…

What Obama is trying to do is earn the goodwill of these countries. Assure these countries that America means good and America wants to take care of you. He is bridging the chasm left by the previous administration, and he is doing a damn good job at it.

He is building a platform for future presidents of America to enter into easy agreements with other countries owing to the goodwill he is accumulating.
Mr. Obama is in the right track and he is tackling a variety of issues apart from regaining the confidence of other countries.
I am going to skip to the single most important thing Mr. Obama is working on at the moment.


Obama’s approval ratings are declining and the media is playing a major part in this. Americans who lost their job also stand to lose their health insurance and a large number of people are paying exuberant prices to private insurers to cover their health costs. Moreover, these private insurers ‘cherry pick’ people who are not ill and have absolutely no health problems.

7 out of 10 Americans think the economy is the top problem, not health care (in fact, most Americans do not believe that the U.S. health care system is in a state of crisis, according to Gallup). A host of people are affected due to high health care costs. It’s insane to not have an insurance to cover your medical costs and obtaining this insurance is an uphill task.
So, Obama is overhauling the existing Medicare (government health care) and reforming it in order to provide medical insurance to a large group, especially older citizens who are overlooked by the private insurance companies. People (private insurers) are working hard to topple this bill as it will affect them directly.
Huge fiscal claims, complications in the bill etc… are the few techniques adopted. A deep insight into the Medicare bill will give a person the true knowledge and worth of what no president in America dare do; Bringing about a massive change in the health reform and thereby enabling a million marginalized citizens to live happily.


Savan said...

mmm - Obamacare - well the jury is out on that - but net out of OECD countries, the US spends double on health per capita, and has the bottom 3 results on measures such as life Expectancy. Having said that blowing up the fiscal defecit is not the solution - so the costs to fianance universal coverage will have to be through taxation and / or borrowing! good luck obama!

writer said...

Actually I am relieved at his attitude towards bridging the gap between muslim countries and the rest of the world. That could cause the next holocaust and the US should show the way.
Plus Climate Change - its with Obama in the saddle, the US is considering capping emissions at last.

Anonymous said...

I liked the title. Very apt. In the mordern age, we fight for everything - including water, clean air, noise, ... and of course for peace too.

It is mind bogling that we fight to fight, we fight to stop fighting, and we fight within to stop thinking of fighting.
What a f(r)ight?!

Well Adi, why dont you write on peace next.

- Saba Mama

Adi said...

"It is mind bogling that we fight to fight, we fight to stop fighting, and we fight within to stop thinking of fighting.
What a f(r)ight?!"

Ha ha. Clever use of words and accurately true. Will write the next one about peace from the perspective of another humanitarian. Consider it done :-)

siddarth said...

liked the article.... i feel like an idiot commenting because i don't really read a lot about american politics and state policy - in short i'm stupid! :P
i like ur writing skills. the article had brevity, a quality which is most important in analytical articles.

looking forward to ur future work!

som said...

obama going down the well laid path of the democrats to bring peace in the world and uphold the image of america..he has come at a difficult time but he is making a difference..the reappointment of bernanke reaffirming the faith..
keep da facts pouring in and superb title..
'we fight until someday we have nothing left to win'..