Wednesday, October 21, 2009


You make the decisions and I will run your business!

Recently my uncle explained a phenomenon called the ‘CLOUD COMPUTING’ a new phenomenon arising to simplify your simple work operations.

It just made me realize how we are progressing in the field of technology and the velocity at which work in a business is carried out. With my limited knowledge I intend to portray this new growing phenomenon.

In cloud computing, the cloud service providers manage your entire IT infrastructure that is physically located elsewhere that the user is not aware of. The user sees his IT infrastructure in the cloud. All the user needs is a PC or Laptop or Palm top. User does not invest on software or high end hardware or IT security systems. He just logs in and uses the software. He does not enamored by IT related challenges in terms of business continuity management, data management, data security, software installations and upgrades; thus reducing total cost of ownership store and maintain a back up of all your company data and manage your sales, production, dispatch units and other vital customer related data. They perform ALL the back office functions and more importantly eliminate the time constraints involved in the company.
Thereby, it leaves you with the sole task of making important decisions and conveying this decision in the ubiquitous channels to the service providers. You are left with managing your core areas and given more time for research and development.

It is particularly helpful for small businesses and new ventures as they lay a fundamental platform of providing you all the vital information and enables a company to work on the given data.

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