Thursday, October 29, 2009

Democracy or Communism? India vs China?

In my understanding of Democracy, I realize that a democracy is praised for togetherness but never efficiency. When you have a million people voicing their opinions and they all have the right to be heard you can’t expect an efficient system to grant these needs of the people. This is where communism tends to raise above democracy. Communism has strict rules and is known for its efficiency and its ability to get the job done no matter what.
Perhaps, this is the difference between China and India. China may be more efficient and may develop at a faster rate, but it can NEVER win the trust and vote of the people. According to me its just a matter of time before frustrated people gather to the streets and there is another ‘Tiananmen square’.

The cost of democracy is the price the lower class people pay to enter into the middle class. When we think of this segment one cannot neglect the effects of capitalism and the role it has in determining the growth/exploitation of the people. A democracy cannot exist without Capitalism. The ideology of Democracy reeks with Capitalism, simply because you cannot shun the growth of a capitalistic venture ; such is the rules of a democracy. Both India and China have accepted the capitalist road to prosperity. But capitalism is more comfortable in a democracy, which fosters entrepreneurs naturally.
I would like to describe more on Capitalism in another post which I will put up shortly. More on it later.

Democracy comes easily to us because India has historically 'accumulated' its diverse groups who retain their distinctiveness while identifying themselves as Indian. China has 'assimilated' its people into a common, homogeneous Confucian society. We are known for our diversities and so many cultures that thrive in our country. I would like to pause here and want the reader to think if ‘GLOBALIZATION’ is necessary? Doesn’t globalization unify and destruct different value systems by incorporating western ideas? Does it not kill the up-coming small scale traditional markets? More on it later.

In a democracy, the state is an agency of power and with it vests the sole power of law and order. For the purpose of law and order it may exercise coercion. After all we do have a right for civil disobedience! We must be grateful that India is a democratic country and we have the OPPORTUNITY to compete and get jobs of our choices, demand for necessary actions and more importantly; we have the right to question the government’s actions. A free press is one of the hallmarks of a democratic society and we must all learn to take a moment and wonder before we sing endless anomalies about the way we live. After all, you don’t want to live in a country where you are a mere puppet controlled and governed by people who even decide how many kids you have and curbs your very right to think. Each person NEEDS/DESERVES an identity. In China, a citizen is purely mortgaging himself to the whims of the state.

After getting rave reviews for my previous article, a little research and thought into the subject I realized India's path to development and a major superpower may be slower, but it is definitely surer.


Americano said...

Interesting views. You must write more on it. It was an EXCELLENT read. However there is more to be debated on Communism vs Democracy. Continue writing.

What i liked most was the way you interpret things. It shows that you have a very good eye for detail and you pick up simple things. Great going.

som said...

the age old debate made a lot simpler..i guess as one of the last surviving communist minded nations, China has been doing a good job of mixing Communist ideology with a modern day have picked a promising topic and hope to see more on it.
good work adi.

Trishma said...
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Sakeena.B.M said...

well.. you know how to get your reader's thinking!!! :)

the comparative study and the comparison made was good. I think, India can never afford to be a communism country... India is best suited for this demoracy, though it does not help to speed up our journey towards being the superpower, we have to accept that... it probably the only way!
and as u said, it may be slow... but its gonna happen for sure!

ash said...

good effort at understanding the two different wyas of running a country but only time will tell which is best. as of now most are in praise of democracy. man needs a change all the time so lets see...

Haroon Siyech said...

hey this is one of our(roomie and me) favorite topics

Communism vs Democracy

Neither system is perfect. Flaws on both sides but yes i believe in democracy.
Though when we get really frustrated we say that communism is the way and we need super strict rules and control but that is definetely not the way.

China is a very corrupt nation though we can't see it or rather we aren't shown the true face. In a hindu editorial a couple of days back a chinese city was described where the whole city ( from Realty to Transport) was controlled by a single DON. Even the judicial system was a joke.
Redressal is a right and in communist system there's only one loud voice and a million quiet whispers. In a Democracy you might not be able to discern the voice of a million people but the noise is loud enough to wake anyone up.

Democracy in India is not perfect and there's a lot more i'd like to say about it but i guess this space is definetly not enough.

Cheers :)

Haroon Siyech said...

man you can really get me to speak on this topic.

Consider MNS MLAs in Maharashtra. with a house strength of 13 MLAs they get 4 banned by attacking an MP for taking his oath in Hindi instead of Marathi. For what end we don't know.But tell me is this why those MLAs were elected in the first place??

Adi said...

Well, what is worse was they merely got suspended for an act of hooliganism. I believe that they ought to be taken to task and be punished by the court of law. It should've been a way to get others in line and set an example. But again, the system FAILS ;-(.

I loved the sentence 'Redressal is a right and in communist system there's only one loud voice and a million quiet whispers.' Very well put. Continue reading and we will continue discussing.

My question to you is, if communism has worked wonders in China, why not communism for a fixed period in India?

Content writing Prices said...

Your finishing lines are really perfect. In my words, both democracy and communism works hard to complete a 100 story building. But Democracy takes it time(perhaps much longer) while communism completes far too quicker. This gives an early impression that communism is better but in the long run the truth becomes obvious as the time taken by democratic construction team is to lay down a stronger foundation upon which a harder and stronger building could be build to make it last longer. While Communism/dictators can feel proud and dominate for a while they are sure to collapse in the long run. Example: dictatorship Germany, Communist Russia(ussr)..

Democracy may be some kinda tube light but it burns brighter and uses less power. While a lamp may be quick but it produces less light @ greater expense of power...

Adi said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. Can I ask how you were directed to this post? Curious is all.