Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mangalore, ‘THE BLACK SHEEP’?

Mangalore can be called the black sheep of the entire pack. Other cities in Karnataka will definitely vouch for it. Neatly tucked under the coastal belt of Karnataka, Mangalore is a place filled with people from diverse places. It is said that Mangalore has more outsiders than Mangaloreans themselves. There are many reasons why this polished place attracts people from around India. The serenity, good humored and kind people, rich in culture, tradition and the icing is the well laid out beaches. One of the most important reasons is the quality of Education provided. What can be termed as an ‘Educational hub’ has a number of reputed institutions that impart quality education. I as an X-student of St.Aloysius College have personally met people from various nations, let alone people from the North or West of India. The beauty of Mangalore is its ability to harness this group of people from various places and bring them together. I started my article calling Mangalore as ‘the black sheep’. Why wouldn’t other cities cry foul when Mangalore outweighs its closest competitor, Bangalore in many ways? To start with, are the unheard words of noise and pollution. One of the blissful things about Mangalore is the traffic. It takes hardly 5 min to reach a place 4 kms away compared to Bangalore’s 50 min. Mangalore also has a number of ‘joints’ which are the envy of other cities. Above all, is the exotic cuisine in Mangalore that can tame the most refined connoisseurs.

College education in Mangalore is packed with dollops of fun and frolic. As students not a day goes past without some or the other activity going on in your college. May it be St.Aloysius, St.Agnes, SDM or Besant; each college is filled with a variety of activities that students can pick and choose according to their needs. Students tend to sharpen their skills with the number of workshops and cultural events provided by the respective managements. Various colleges also encourage students from other colleges to participate in events conducted by them. Apart from college related activities you also have other outside activities to keep you gripped. No, am not talking about the splendid girls from St.Agnes. There are dance classes, linguistic courses, music lessons etc… to make your college life all the more fun.

A pool of knowledge and respect for other people’s cultures and traditions can clearly be seen and experienced if you are a student in Mangalore. It is indeed pleasant to see students from various colleges integrating together and learning new things. The social atmosphere of Mangalore coupled with the seriousness of fresh life and new learning is what makes Mangalore a favored destination for a host of people. I can vouch for this because my dad loved the place and the people.

Come to Mangalore, come fall in Love; with the fishes and the chicks (pun intended)


Vinutha N said...

For someone who has been a bangalore-ling like me , it definitely stirs envy ! Lol :P

Well written ! Nice to read the views of an INSIDER who has been there ! :)

Sakeena.B.M said...

"The serenity, good humored and kind people, rich in culture, tradition and the icing is the well laid out beaches" - well said adi.... but do u 100% think its true?? c'mon even i have been in mlore for 3 years now... ihavnt seen any well laid out beach here!!! dude.. are u sure u were in mlore? ;)

but yes!!! i agree with the rest of your views!!! :) M'lore may not welcome u with the best climate or the best roads... but ... it is a place... which will make u fall in love with it... u treat the city nice... the city willl be nicer to u in double folds!! :)

the best of being a student in mlore is that... " everyone knows you" and its like.... where ever u look around u will definately.. find a frndly face thr.... No one is stranger in mlore!! :)

Adi said...

You haven't seen an awesome beach in Bangalore!!! OMG. Tell that boring president of yours to take you out. Its BRILLIANT

Nishali chand said...

You said tat right... Been in mlore for the past 18yrs there are times when i hated it because its a small place and its practically like everyone knows each other. But still love it or hate it the mlore blood never leaves you either you are born wit it or it gets infused in you.

Haroon Siyech said...


i'm a proud mangalorean alright.. seriously i am...
but hell i dont agree.. mangalore is growing too fast for its own good..
well laid out beaches?

dude give it a rest..


Adi said...

Lets look at what Mangalore IS and not what Mangalore MIGHT BECOME. Because, we both can predict the where it is heading. BUT, my point is Mangalore is definitely THE BEST places in Karnataka.

I don't think you have been to some of the best beaches in Mangi. The water is blue and it feels like you are in Malaysia or some distant paradise. Its just that you have always been to the crowded beaches which are anyways god in their own way.

nik7 said...

hey adithya well written.. dono if u remember me.. yup the very georgian n also ex aloysian