Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I recently read an article in the Times Of India dated November 8th 09 titled ‘Pakistan: A write-off?’
In a nutshell the article states that Pakistan has seen troubled times before and has always emerged stronger than ever before. It goes on to say that the government remains intact and it’s only the politics that are paralyzed.

I fail to understand the meaning of such a statement. How can the government be uniquely different from the politics of the state? The politics of the state directly contribute towards the formation of a government. I am not aware of the constitution of Pakistan nor do I intend to google the 5 page document, but in the Indian constitution; people elect the politicians (a rare phenomenon in Pakistan) . The politicians in turn are responsible for the governance and the running of the government. In other words, the politicians ARE the government. They are responsible for the efficiency and work of the civil servants. Ultimately, if the politicians are not efficient enough it means the failure of a government. Ever since Mohammad Jinnah died there has been a lapse in the leadership of Pakistan. The country has been under a constant political quagmire and has failed to establish itself as a stable state. Deaths and Taliban attacks are treated like happenings of the daily weather. I can only assume the script for the newsreaders in the Pakistani channels “To commemorate the 100th attack on the Pakistani capital Islamabad, the Taliban killed 6 ministers 300 civilians and burnt 12 buildings. Impressive century.”

How can Pakistan NOT be a failed state? HOW? It is one of the most dangerous places to live in. People are migrating to other states as quickly as the politics of Pakistan change, and that means really fast. Tourism is a JOKE. In foreign policy magazine’s Top Ten list of failed states, Pakistan stands in the 9th position. It stands among countries like Sudan, Congo, and Somalia etc. The plight of the country cannot be undermined considering its action and the problems that are imploding in the capital. What makes things worse is that the Taliban is running free among the streets of Pakistan. People live in constant fear and in hope that they will live to see the morning sun. The official death toll from 2003 to 2008 ONLY from terrorist activities is 13,485. Now that’s a mere statistic that does not merit any value. You talk to the aam Pakistani and he points fingers at India claiming that all the problems of Pakistan are because of India. Some even believe that the Taliban is controlled by India. What is worse is that, some of the top officials and generals also think that the Taliban is an Indian terrorist body waiting to squash the hopes of millions of Pakistanis. Pointing fingers and giving excuses for the lack of control by the politicians in Pakistan is not going to change the fact that Pakistan is a troubled state and the solutions for Pakistan solely lies with the people of Pakistan or rather the politicians of Pakistan. I personally feel that the mind of the aam Pakistani has to change. Once that is ensured at least in the near future there will be an influx of good politicians.

Pakistan needs to figure what it wants to be other than anti-Indian. Secondly, it must cut all ties with America and form an independent identity. Seeking help from a rogue nation like America will only invite trouble and Pakistan will have to meet the demands of the dubious Washington diplomats. America is also responsible for flaring the non-existent fumes of anti-Indian, Pakistan. Following American policies is like having Champagne with the devil. Thirdly, make Pakistan a secular state, not just written in the constitution but the execution of what is stated in the constitution. The only way this can be done is to first wage war against Taliban. Lastly, stop claiming lands in Jammu and Kashmir. You are never going to get it. Instead, Pakistan must learn to manage what it already has.

The fact remains that Pakistan is a failed state. Learn to accept it and go about measures to change the obvious. I don’t see any problems from India considering that the Indian politicians have been patient with Pakistan despite knowing that Ajmal Kasab is from Pakistan and was trained by the Islamic military intelligence of Pakistan.

One can only HOPE that Pakistan will solve its crisis. If it fails to do so and the Taliban gets possession of the nuclear weapons…



Anirudh Vinay said...
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Anirudh Vinay said...

Get it published in a Newspaper . Perhaps the Best & Boldly honest article on Pakistan's Failure as a Country .

But I feel you should have added a bit about how it's basically the narrow minded Muslims of Pakistan's doing in the first place . . . In the name of Allah they've killed over 10,000 of their own religion .

Allah ain't gonna be pleased about it . . . If he is , well , then he's a hopeless hypo critic God

som said...

strong words and the right stats..unfortunately for a country which could hold so much promise its just being used as a playground by American and Indian intelligence (don't be mistaken, we too are having our day in the sun there)to further their own political vendettas..but then if we look around and see the number of other Asian nations going down the same road, its increasingly disturbing..
the games better stop but keep the posts coming..its a relief from the diplomatic and non confrontal articles we lap up everyday..

Trishma said...

Brilliant. The best post I have read in this blog. I have never been so impressed with your political commentary as with this one... Concise, understandable, supplemented with facts, and a brilliant use of metaphors and language.
Let's see you better your best.

Haroon Siyech said...

What would you say is the solution to Kashmir?

India Pakistan or Independent?

I'm being very objective here
How can you say every person in Kashmir wants to be Indian?

I'm being very objective here but
We as indians believe in ourselves to be honest and upright about what we do. Tell me how do we know our intelligence is never involved in anything that goes on Pakistan?
how sure can we be? We seem in the right on the face of it. But I doubt our righteousness.

Adi said...

The solution to kashmir is a strong leader and barricades on the border. Pakistan will always want more land irrespective of how much they have. The only solution is to stamp our authority and resolve the issue.

The reason why Kashmir is slowly and steadily becoming a 'neutral land' is because the Indian government is not taking necessary actions to portray Kashmir as Indian. Besides, Pakistan is pursuing an aggressive way in annexing the people of Kashmir in the name of Islam.

And, if you ask me how sure are you that Indian intelligence is not involved in Pakistan ; I am stumped.
All i can say is that i don't think India is such a country and we have NEVER pursued more land, even when we could have.
Ex : SriLanka and Bangladesh.