Thursday, November 5, 2009

Technology @ the speed of thought.

We are at the advent of the 21st century. Technology is probably the only platform to connect to the masses. And, if you are offering superior technology with all its perks and cheap rates, you are still not doing ENOUGH! It’s time to break away from the clutter and give consumers something UNIQUE. Something that no other provider has to offer. Therein lies the future of consumers and its ability to penetrate into a highly saturated market.

So, it’s not just quality, rates, branding, packaging, customer service, after sales…
It is defining UNIQUENESS and that unquestionable SUPERIORITY.
As a consumer, just sit back and relax; the best is yet to come. One can only imagine!!

Over the years we have seen a stupendous growth in technological advancements. The digital media has arisen as a single most powerful tool shaping the future of the manner in which we receive information. As i sit back and ruminate i remember reading in the papers long time back that all the education in the state of California, USA is digital. In India, the prestigious CAT exam is going to be held online. We hear famous newspapers in the western countries being shut down because of the growth of E-versions of newspapers. Surely, its time to realise the potential of this phenomenon. Research states that the most high profile jobs in the year 2008 did not even EXIST in the year 2004! People are CREATING these jobs owing to the expansion of the digital media.


Trishma said...
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Trishma said...
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Sakeena.B.M said...

well... you spoke about what is the talk of the world now !

Its all nice to know that, there are new technologies that are mushrooming every day... but... wonder where will all these take us?

As long as we are controlling the technology its all welcomed!! but... what about the day.... when thes technology will take over us?? its already happening... have you noticed that, If a traffic police is standing, we care less for him, and will speed up right under his nose, but instead if there was a "Radar" kept there.. we will give more respect for that than the police man!!!

we need to take in only thats neeeded... those extra luxury technology is not a great guest to welcome!

Adi said...

he he. SOunds like you saw iROBOT. he he.
And believe me, the policeman there makes a lot of difference. Simply because he can stop you right there and fine you. On the other hand if there were a 'radar' or any other device the fine amount will come to you home and your not going to pay much heed to it.

Alos, whether we like it or not, technology is growing. Growing to the extent that in a short period we will be able to clone human beings and also have facilities to extend the life of a human being.(and by 'extend' i mean A LOT)

Haroon Siyech said...
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