Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The last bastion of the moral man.

You know the way it’s going to pan out. You know that this is going awry but you still follow the path because you are slave of what you nurtured. Disgruntled and dismayed and unable to make meaning of the course of events, he lay sickened by his virtuous paths. He had attempted the righteous way and along his path committed save, a few pleasurable errors. It was true that he relented to the pleasures life had to offer. He grabbed it in the hope of the pleasures being his own forever. True, his morality could be questioned at the moment, but when you sketch out a way things ought to happen and when you are promised that your intentions will be mirrored by an oath, the question of your morals does not arise. However when this oath is abused, the fault and transgressions lie with the violator but the guilt and immorality lies with the bearer of the oath. He and he alone will be taken to task for his immoral acts despite the fact that he still intends to honor his word.

What a fickle world, that has the powers to make the right immoral. His acts and thoughts are not cleansed, but muddied by the loved stranger. Unable to bare the grief and being deceived by his closest who is now a stranger, he digs deep into himself. His soul is searching and fighting for the chance to free himself from his thoughts. He had envisaged peace and prosperity, love and longing, truth and triumph, he sought for age to drown him with his hands hugged with the forlorn stranger. He is constantly reminded that he alone fell for the trap; he was prey to the wolves of the world. Finding it hard to come to terms with reality he begs the stranger for a chance, a fair chance. 
Therein lays the problem of the moral man. He asks too much, for he asks for a fair chance. He still believes that a deal can be brokered with the wolves. How can you want a fair chance when the odds are against you? Is not being fair, judged in terms of partiality? Just like we talk about the bigger half and the smaller half, fair justice and unfair justice. In a world filled with Oxymoron’s it is unwise or laughable to ask for a FAIR chance.
He reasons hard and cries out loud, what is the difference between me and the vultures if I take the path of the weak? Am I not a wicked inhumane demon in the eyes of God? As he struggles with himself he peeks at the path laid with golden leaves and fragrant flowers. Its pleasures are plenty and bountiful. There is a plea not to follow suit and to ward of the evils that talk to him. He pays no heed for he has been cheated and robbed of morality. His anger is just, but his means of revenge are unjust. Little did he know that God was still watching and this was God’s way of testing the moral man. 
God had struck him in the heart and put him to the test in the hope that the moral man will win and come out stronger, greater and humble. Sadly, he disembarks on the path knowing whole well that the God watches over his actions and one day he will be put in the court of God to be judged for his misdoings. He dismisses what he cannot see or peek into, and savours the moment for its joys are vast and valuable, temporarily.

He like every other man sold his heart to the devil for reasons not because of his deeds, but the deathly art of a stranger… His loved stranger.

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Yulia D'Souza said...

what can i say??? true to the dot.