Thursday, February 11, 2010

Why and how the world will end in 2012 (Part 1)

No, i'm not talking about the Mayan civilization or the ridiculous movie made by some lunatic.
The crisis at the Middle East has often been a fascinating and riveting read for an ardent History lover like me. The underlying mysteries and the possibility of the 3rd World War makes many scholars and journalists monitor the conflicts arising in the middle East with great interest. For me it is just a compassionate tale between countries fighting for existence and a classic example of petty politics and religious indifferences battling with each other under the expense of the common people. Having said that, the tale between Israel, Palestine, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan and the U.S is a high voltage enigma wherein the civilians too are drawn to the war and this could just be history in the making, a kind of history that I believe will be the end of the world or if not, the end of Europe.
To touch upon these issues, an extensive background of the relationship between different countries has to be strongly emphasized as the foreign relations are interwoven to such extents that it would be impossible to explain the crisis without a definite portrayal of the dilemmas these countries face with other countries. The best way would be to start with the most popularly infamous;
Iraq and the USA

We all consider George Bush to be the biggest natural blunder in the face of humanity. However, what most of us do not know is that this man has an IQ of 120 and in a way master minded America’s continual domination of other countries despite large protests from other countries and indigenous people in America. His most successful achievement as a president is keeping the dollar the universal trading currency in spite of the growing Yuan.
Saddam Hussein’s Iraq produced 3 billion barrels worth of oil and America bought 2 ¾ billion of them. He decided that the money has to be paid in Euros than the usual petro dollars. This resulted in the Fed being crippled and soon the Bush administration realized that Saddam poses a huge threat. It was of paramount importance to eliminate the man and the only way to do that was call him a terrorist and a tyrant. America wage war captured him and the rest is history. Soon the trading resumed and the Dollar took control. If this were not to happen by some way then we would have had an economic pearl harbor in America. Saddam on the other hand played into Bush’s hands by atrocious killings and invading. 

Now Iran has decided to trade its oil in Euros and is calling for other oil rich countries in Europe and the Middle East to do so as well. That obviously does not go to well with America. However, Iran is unlike Iraq. It has nuclear capabilities better modern warfare and a well backed offensive if America decides to strike. Saudi Arabia has shown an interest in Euros. If this happens the US will lose its powers as the world’s sheriff and ultimate dominance. The Iran – U.S. relations will always remain hostile especially after the 444 day hostage crisis where Iranian students held American civilians hostage in the American embassy. While the Saudis can be bought by America (western investments in infrastructure, construction and a host of other things) it is highly impossible to coax Iran as they have openly claimed the Americans and Christian institution as ‘infidels’.  Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Khameni went so far as to call the Americans the ‘Great Satans’. Now ain’t that sweet of him? ;-)

Iran though has signed the NPT (Nuclear Proliferation Treaty) to stop production of Nuclear weapons it has not adhered to the rules as per the NPT and has in fact shut down inspection of its power plants. This poses a major setback to other countries who will also question the need to adhere to the guidelines in the NPT when one of the countries is clearly violating the terms. Iran and Israel.
The biggest headache for Washington will be the IMPOSSIBILITY of peace between Israel and Iran. As long as these countries are in constant conflict with each other the possibility of a nuclear war are not far. I believe that war is inevitable and one of the countries will strike resulting in catastrophe in the East. 
(Its highly difficult to chalk out all the points. Please add your own views if i have failed to state them)

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