Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A plea to Pranabda

Dear Mr Pranab Mukherjee,

A budget should be prepared for the common man. Have you forgotten that India is a rural country and 75% of the population comprise of the rural populace?

The stock markets are buoyant and of course the media analysts and the corporates think you have done a handsome job. Why wouldn't they? After all, you have effectively made sure that the stimulus packages will not be rolled back and also gifted them tax exemptions. In the previous budget, the media went into a tizzy because the stock markets went down and your budget was immediately labeled as a horrific one. 

Its interesting to note that only 2% of the entire population participates in the stock market, directly or indirectly and is influenced by the stock market. This however does not deter you from making sure the elitist and corporates are at the receiving end of your beautiful budget doled out for people who already have enough money and want more. 

The stars of these companies and the media will work hand in glove with each other singing glorious odes of your visionary budget and how your budget has been the 'best in decades'. You will revel in fame and the common man like me and many others will watch the idiot box and open our mouths wide in awe as to how you have changed the scope of India's path to super power status.

Indeed you have changed India's path. You have made sure that the poor Indian continues to live in tatters and receives no quality education. If we raise this issue you will cry out loud about your government's efficiency in introducing the Right to Education bill. But i'm sorry that i'm not that naive or stupid for your likings and some of the enraged men know the truth and impotency of this bill. It lacks substance and does not give professional education for children. How do you expect them to get jobs in today's world without a professional education? Where is the vision Mr. Pranab? You are a civil SERVANT and you have absolutely no right to cheat the people who have elected you to that post. 

So much for the young Gandhi's rants on bridging the gap between the poor and the rich Indian. We all know that education is the first and only step in developing India. Quality education will ensure employment and growth of the nation. It will also improve governance and accountability once people become aware of their rights. I understand that this will curb the chances of your government's ability in plundering the people. Therefore, i salute your visionary nature to assure your government's  continual survival at the cost of dying Indians.

A democracy is praised for its law, order and JUSTICE. The least you could do is to give speedy justice to the people and uphold the pros of a democratic nation. Your utter failure leaves me wondering if democracy is worth all the pain and chagrin. Maybe, communism is much needed to remove the vast tracts of weed that has grown in the Indian system. Comparisons with China are inevitable when our neighbour makes a mockery of our snail paced progress.

The courts are filled with cases and the judges are sleeping beauties who love the India judicial system. Today it is hardly surprising that a fair trial is possible despite a number of evidences, video and a confession. Ajmal Kasab is a fitting example of how our judicial system works. The jails have become a prosperous home for the terrorists of the world. In fact i will not be surprised if Kasab becomes a politician for your party. Or even better, the finance minister of India.

People BELIEVE that the P.M. of India is Manmohan Singh, but we both know the truth don't we Mr.Pranab? We can discuss that later. Manmohan Singh had promised bureaucratic reforms as the top priority of the Congress party in 2004. I hoped that the government would keep its words and take necessary steps. Let alone steps, the words reform and bureaucracy are an anathema in your party. I don't see your lackadaisical party taking any active action in the forseeable future either. We will continue to be a developing mediocre nation much to puzzles of the west. We will be a classic example of how not to rule a country.

The west is waiting for India's unified growth and leap into a super power. Only we Indians know the painstaking truth of this impossibility. India's recalcitariant democracy is growing and you continue to remain oblivious to these clarion calls. 

In short Mr.Pranab, your budget continues to show the arrogance of power and creates a chasm between the poor and the rich. How do you expect India's internal threats to subsidise when you marginalise them with such ease and flair? Your apathy towards the nation's interests and lust for temporary power is loathsome. Please ban the budget or banish yourself. Thank you.


Saro said...

Adi! I got lost in this post. I haven't been paying attention to the budget news.. what's happened? This was an angry one.

BTW: your posts read like a nice article I'd find in TOI or some better paper in the opinion section. I like them :)

Adi said...

Thank you very much. Your encouragement is much appreciated.

The budget, to put it very simply, is a conspiracy to kill the poor.

btw, are you on Facebook?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant. Your writing is sharp and your frustration comes across very nicely. Your anger is evident but your helplessness is very powerfully shown in the writing. Keep up the good work and as Saro mentioned you can just publish your article in a TOI or a Hindu. Good luck.

The budget was pathetic.