Friday, March 5, 2010

Why the world will end in 2012 (part 2)

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Israel is fighting for land, survival. Over the course of time the Jews have always been massacred and been treated unfairly. During Hitler’s regime humanitarian genocides were given a whole new dimension. The treatments met to Jews are too shocking to be mentioned. Now, the Jews want to fight back and claim Palestinian land as their own. When the partition was made in 1947 and the Palestinian state was renamed as Israel, Israel had finally achieved its permanence in the world map. It is going to do everything in its power for survival and knowing the dangers it faces from Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and other countries, Israelites have fast understood the need for military might. State of the art warfare was quickly produced and mass production on fighter planes and other equipments were given by the US who was only too happy to fill its pockets and have an ally against the Muslim worlds. Today Israel’s secret agencies, MOSSAD are the BEST in the world. They are trained to perfection and are capable of enduring tough terrains and hand to hand combat. Israelis posses superior nuclear armaments and its plants are not subject to inspection by any authority even from the U.N. In other words, the world does not know how many nuclear missiles and war heads Israel possess. Israel has nuclear capabilities, biological and chemical capabilities and is rumored to have enough warfare to wipe out a country with just chemical gas alone. It has capabilities to wipe out the entire Middle East (1986). By 2010 we can be a 100% sure that Israel has enough power to wipe out the entire world. This explains why America is rallying behind Israel and playing safe with a powerful nation.

Every Israeli citizen gets a gas mask and is taught how to use it in case it is attacked. Such is the plight of the country, that its citizens have seen war and it’s just another daily affair. When a nation reaches that zenith where one’s safety and security is not guaranteed its economy and its people are dull with no will and are indifferent to most things, any country will do everything in its power, even if it has to nuke other nations.

Israel has also been accused of spreading HIV among the Arab people in Palestine. The Lebanese Hezbollah refuse to believe the holocaust just like its counterpart Iran. Such is the enmity and acrimony among the Arab nations against Israel, Israeli newspapers held an art competition for pictures depicting the holocaust. This was seen as a deliberate attempt to demean and provoke Israel.

The only way to survive in the hostile Middle East is for Israel to arm itself. Iran has supplied vast military equipment including long range missiles to the Hezbollah government in Lebanon. Lebanon in 2006 conducted massive attacks on Israel and Israel responded in kind. The Hezbollah government is considered as a puppet government of Iran. Therefore, when Iran is capable of nuclear attacks it will most probably transport the nuclear weapons to the Lebanese government via the black market and attacks can happen in Israel either by Lebanon alone or by Iran and Lebanon if need be. The primacy that has been accorded by Iran and Lebanon is a disturbing factor given the nature of its paths to terrorize Israel.

Keeping in mind the uneasiness and the increased hostility between these nations, it is fair to say that if a peace process is not brokered the world might just end in 2012. Watch out for further progress in the East.

I have of course missed a whole lot of other points. Add more and humor me :D


Saro said...

You're right, this issue is expansive, multiply interpreted with a multitude of opinions as well..

But I'm enjoying the reading, though somehow it feels to me a bit tilted, in Israel's favor. Am I correct, or just making things up in my head?

Adi said...

he he. Well, I did not intend it to be. But then, i really don't understand where i stand in this issue. Both sides seem just and fair. I have no idea whose side to take. However, my writing as you stated, favours Israel to some extent.

The fololwing article might interest you;

What do you think about the issue?

Saro said...

Myself? I grew up in a Muslim country, and I think I've been sufficiently inundated with propaganda that supports the Palestinian Cause.

Even apart from that, on humanitarian grounds I'm a staunch believer that the Israelis' can treat them better, and that the formation of their country in the Middle East, is almost like lichen on trees. Someone's gonna have to go, either the lichen or the tree.

On the rest of the Middle East's intention to rid themselves of an irritating Jewish country- I would be with the Israeli's on this one. They have a right to live, and given they intend to stick around, with their nuclears and what not, might as well begin mending fences- both sides.

As I said, it's not a very easy situation this one. One of those sticky messes the Empire created, due to its ignorance of world culture.

Kindda like Version 1.0 to America's current status.

Adi said...

Ha ha. Everybody has a two sided view. What is the Version 1.0?

What would be your solution to the crisis? A permanent lasting one assuming you have the power to broker a peace settlement?

Anonymous said...

@Adi:Please cite your sources when you make claims.

Adi said...

@Anonymous: I would like a name rather than an Anonymous comment. DO feel free to question me on any of the articles i have written.

Though my thoughts and perceptions have changed over a course of time, I can still defend my stance if you would enunciate the areas in which you want some clarity. :)