Saturday, May 8, 2010

The coherence of nonsense

I see through faces. They paint an indelible picture, hastily.
The faces that do not exist, that are abstract and whom they call the, omnipotence.

A mannequin will ask, am I the one deprived of life?

I know the nasty game; pull the plug and terminate me.

What is the human brain if not for an enigmatic wonder?
Even the Gods cannot understand a human brain; It becomes worse if it’s a woman’s.

The brain always judges a book by its cover.
The sub-conscience is a far more powerful tool that possesses the unknown.
How does it find its way into the brain?
So slowly, so stealthy, what craft, what art.
How did God get such powerful components to build us?
A brain that should exercise restraint is hasty
A sub conscience that is sharp, exercises restraint.

Oh wonders of wonders. Why can’t everything be a bed of roses?
Why should we work hard? Why should we toil?
Can’t we reap the fruits without the labour?
Is the toil, a journey to salvation?
Why can’t we attain salvation by choosing our actions?
Gift us our needs and allow us to be!

We don’t want illusions of sin and hatred.
Give us everything we want and peace shall prevail.
Do not confuse us, by asking the definition of everything.

Create a world for us and cater us with our desires.

After all, we are an experiment to forces unknown to us!
Watching our every move in our nakedness, our actions;
Placing bets on us and laughing at us.

And when we arrive at the truth, to pull a plug and terminate the game.

I see through faces… terminate my game, terminate my illusionary life.

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