Friday, May 14, 2010

The persistent incorrigible

He preached Puritanism. How difficult could that be once you have the twin tools of knowledge and reason? He abided by his veiled morals and molded it to his likings. He quickly found censure amongst the breakers of goodness. ‘Incorrigible’ and ‘bigot’ were swift expletives hurled at him. Words rolled out of his tongue in fine fashion too. A little restraint could have helped but a passionate man knows no restraint. Fight until death, he cried out loud. Damaging this fine fabric of reputation, he surged ahead.

None knew his inner wicked intentions. His close viewed him through a kaleidoscope and saw the colors of brilliance. Splashed and mystical they were, but they were the chameleons’ Machiavellian eyes.

He knew about his tainted moral self.
He knew that he was wrong.
He knew that the wolves will prey on him.
He knew his furtive deeds COULD HAVE broken an innocent life.

But what if the evils meet their equals? Does morality cancel itself or is there a larger picture wherein one has to adhere to the set of regulations formulated by the almighty? Fighting for semblance he draws parallels and reasons with objectivism.

A wants to breach the conventions of morals. B wants to breach the conventions of morals.
A and B want to be involved sexually.
Flirting with the intricacies.
Harmless to others.
Dealing with their god given entity; life.

Are they wrong? Are they culpable? To them they are most certainly not. But, with the larger purview of God’s boundaries, they are punishable. Are high libidos and the quest to quench wrong? God did give us life; create us; give form and a mind with innate characteristics. Surely, he has the right to satisfy his core desires. At least, with the ones who are similar to his desperate sexual needs.

And there he is, justifying his stand. Blaming passions and god for his own short fallings. Send him to the dungeons. Let the vultures feed on inhumanity at its epitome of failures. 

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