Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby steps to Awesomeness

Man’s life is met with certain coincidences
When he is ambushed with these coincidences
Life gives you an opportunity to choose;
You can choose your destiny or succumb to the twists of fate.

Time and again we are gifted with these coincidences,
These clarion calls will be met with deaf ears.
For we are oblivious or indifferent in equal doses,
When we feel the awakening we are prodded by a deep slumber,

The renditions of the weak heart despite the strongest of minds,
Oh, and the reasons are plenty and amass for the weak hearted.
But men of the truest mettle will rise above the wayward
A steady and paced rise begging to see the man inside

When you break free from these weak chains of stupidity,
You are at the pinnacle, aspiring for loftier heights.
Ask not the wicked questions of how and when?
Seize the moment and critique your best,

Multiply the best, the same way 20 does to the 10
2010, the sole searching is over!

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