Sunday, May 23, 2010

The curse of Death

Death; how we despise you and scorn at your arrival.
You came to disrupt our carnival and question our survival
With putrid hatred we look at you.
Why do you enter into our lives and disturb our tranquility.

Disturb our peace and
Distraught our loved ones.
Stealthily you land.
The chaos you create and the tears you summon.

Can you not warn us of your hasty arrival?
Are we not allowed to kiss the last goodbye?
You leave us weeping, sobbing and mourning.

It is hard to believe that you are the almighty’s creation;
The chagrin of God’s imagination.
In a fleeting moment you strike;
Much to our dislike

Can you give us one chance; just one chance,
To let know, to our loved, that we cared and we loved.
ONE CHANCE, I beg for, I plead you…
PLEASE let me hear my loved one’s Nightingale voice.
ONE CHANCE to hold my loved ones and hug them.
PLEASE God. PLEASE grant my solemn wish...

You leave an indelible stain in our minds and hearts;
And life will never be the same again…

Death; we abhor you. If only we could kill you….


Yulia D'Souza said...

i find it fascinatin that ppl abhor something that is inevitable.y should we fear death?there's no life without death.death is a reminder that life is short,it can end any moment,it reminds us to make the best of every minute,of every second that we hav,it is a reminder to tell our loved ones wat they mean to us everyday,to live life to the fullest,like each minute is our last.

Trishma said...

This left me with goosebumps, because I felt every word that was penned. How important it is to cherish our loved ones, and how fleeting life is, nothing but a speck in all of eternity... The thought of one day being no more should help us put things in perspective. We will never know what strikes us the next moment. I love you all, you mean so much to me!