Sunday, February 14, 2010

Calling a ban on bandhs!

For every college student a ‘bandh’ comes as a bundle of blessings from the almighty. During my college days the examinations were a dreaded time and subtle hints at bandhs were met with great enthusiasm. Little did I know that bandhs are not just a free day for everyone to enjoy and spend time with your families. A bandh in India is a lot more than mundane recreation for a vast majority of the working populace. Rural India bears the brunt of these bandhs more than anybody. For starters, it disrupts the trade and flow of perishable commodities. The poor are constantly at the receiving end when a band is declared. The market shuts down and most perishable commodities rot. The poor are already struggling for survival and due to the political discrepancies it is another stab in the heart to the rural India. The recent bandh in Karnataka for smearing black ash (well done) on Pramod Muthalik (the anti-woman/ anti-marriage/anti-love supermo) is highly unacceptable.
Yediyurappa has shown his naivety and complete lack of apathy for the working populace. He has also shown his vulnerability and weakness as a civil servant. It is horrifying how a bunch of goons can manhandle and control the Chief Minister of a country. The judiciary must take stringent actions on such conniving bureaucrats in the interest of the common man.

Picture, the revenues lost in terms of transport and trade for the government, coupled with the losses of trade by the middle class and the poor (Not to mention the rich). Why can’t the laws of the nation apply to Mr.Muthalik? Why is it that he can’t file a case against the people who smeared black ash and follow the judicial process in convicting the man? Is it because he has the divine right of being a civil servant, who has ironically been given power by the common man?
If that were not enough, his fellow goons torch a bus and ensure the normal functions of the state machinery come to a halt.

Vandalism of state property is highly unacceptable and these hooligans must be given rigorous imprisonments for at least 20 years or more in jail (If I were the judge, I would send them to the gas chamber as these people are of no good to the country or to their parents).

Mr R.C. Purohit, President, Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said “The losses across the State including the Agricultural Products Marketing Committees, would be over Rs 500 crores. Of this, the losses for those in Bangalore alone would be over Rs 300 crores”. Some setimates suggest that the losses could rise up as much as 2000 crores.

Statistics show that a bandh in A.P. in the yet to be declared Telangana state lost as much as 5 crore rupees only in the State Road Transport Corporation. This loss is for just a single day. One can only imagine the losses the entire state of Karnataka has to bear for a worthless civil servant like Mr. Muthalik? Is he really worth a penny?

To counter the lackadaisical politicians the citizens of this wonderful nation need a desperate ban on bandhs.


phantom's wraith said...

Was just discussing about this whole bandh situation with my friend who happened to be from a city where the bandh thing happens once in a blue moon. I always wondered how is muthalik or any of these so called parties above the law. How do they have the right to shut the whole city down. It wont be long till we have a bandh to protest against bandhs :p

Haroon Siyech said...
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Haroon Siyech said...

i have been at the recieving end of a nearly 5 day bandh in mlore.
i remember the day it was called of for an hour me and my cousin nearly stole milk to get back home!!
it is a sad situation. the problems with most bandhs and riots in india is that it is enforced by local college students(try osmania during telngana agitation) and then the usual set of unemployed goondaas!!!